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Opinion Chris Worman 7 February 2023

Ignore digital equity at your own peril: your funding is ineffective without it

Almost half of humanity lives in a state of digital inequity – lacking the internet connectivity they need to participate in today’s digitized world. They are overwhelmingly our most vulnerable, most marginalized communities – the …

Opinion Chris Worman 15 August 2022

Philanthropy, it’s time to get involved with digital equity

If you are reading this, you’ve crossed the digital divide. One in two people on the planet have not.  You can take advantage of an increasing array of digital products and services. Unconnected families cannot; …

Conference reports Chris Worman 15 October 2014

Migration and mobility: reflections from the 2014 Grantmakers East Forum

The 2014 Grantmakers East Forum proved itself a valiant attempt to illuminate some of the many ways in which European grantmakers might engage in the incredibly wide range of issues surrounding the topics of migration …

Analysis Chris Worman 1 December 2013

From grassroots to webroots: reshaping civil society?

A couple of years ago I got a call from a foundation seeking my opinion on a Romanian initiative. RoPot, the group in question, kept popping up in social media. They were inviting everyone to …

Opinion Chris Worman 1 September 2013

What about Small Data?

‘Transparency’ is the theme of October’s Grantmakers East Forum (GEF) in Belgrade. Calling it a complex topic is an understatement. There seems to be agreement among at least this set of grantmakers that more transparency …