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Christopher Worman

Conference reports Christopher Worman 15 October 2014

Migration and mobility: reflections from the 2014 Grantmakers East Forum

The 2014 Grantmakers East Forum proved itself a valiant attempt to illuminate some of the many ways in which European grantmakers might engage in the incredibly wide range of issues surrounding the topics of migration …

Analysis Christopher Worman 1 December 2013

From grassroots to webroots: reshaping civil society?

A couple of years ago I got a call from a foundation seeking my opinion on a Romanian initiative. RoPot, the group in question, kept popping up in social media. They were inviting everyone to …

Opinion Christopher Worman 1 September 2013

What about Small Data?

‘Transparency’ is the theme of October’s Grantmakers East Forum (GEF) in Belgrade. Calling it a complex topic is an understatement. There seems to be agreement among at least this set of grantmakers that more transparency …