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Cliff Prior

Opinion 1 Cliff Prior 25 July 2016

Impact Investment – now a global movement

‘Let’s do it – people’s lives depend on it.’ That was the opening line from Big Society Capital founder Sir Ronald Cohen, by video to the Global Impact Investment Plenary in Lisbon: a gathering of …

Conference reports Cliff Prior 8 July 2015

Young entrepreneurs’ passionate plea caps SEWF15: ‘help the poor to succeed’

SEWF2015: Heat. 80 Taiwan delegates. Coffee and cakes. So many speakers. Profit and purpose. Scaling up or scaling out. Great networking. Buzz. So that’s my tweet-length digest of a conference which was fairly overwhelming but …

Analysis 1 Cliff Prior 1 December 2014

Profit-with-purpose business: breakthrough to scale?

One of the biggest challenges facing the social sector is lack of scale. We have many talented and determined social entrepreneurs, many non-profits doing wonderful work, but how many achieve the scale of impact that …

Conference reports Cliff Prior 17 May 2014

AVPN 2014: It’s all about the ecosystem

Doug Miller opened the 2014 AVPN event with the mantra: reject can’t, embrace urgency, and drive system change. He hardly needed to. The energy, pace and system development shown by every participant was exceptional. 2013 …

Opinion Cliff Prior 13 May 2014

From hunter-gatherer to cultivator

The shift from hunter-gatherer cultures to cultivation and farming was one of the most significant steps in human civilization – some say the most significant of all. It enabled populations to rise, settlements to turn …