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Dea Vidović

Conference reports Dea Vidović 7 June 2022

Future, Europe, culture and solidarity   

Philea Forum 2022 has explored our future from different perspectives, including those that are related to future from the lenses of culture.    Philea Arts and Culture Thematic Network, together with European Cultural Foundation and …

Conference reports Dea Vidović 26 October 2021

Reading the conference from an arts & cultural perspective

During the Conference, I was looking for society, democracy, climate and philanthropy tracks in arts and culture.   The discursive part of the Conference program was arranged around four tracks: society, democracy, philanthropy, and climate. …

Conference reports Dea Vidović 28 May 2019

Arts can’t save the world, but it can make it better

How philanthropy can support participatory arts was one of the topics discussed during the EFC conference, held from 22 – 24 May in Paris. The main results of the research recently conducted by EFC showed …