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Opinion Deborah Doane 27 October 2022

Reimagining the INGO: What does it mean for funders?

When we embarked on an ambitious systems change project to reimagine International NGOs (calling the project: RINGO), we had an inkling that some of the systemic issues impacting the behaviour and practice of INGOs would …

Book review Deborah Doane 2 March 2021 For Subscribers

How to Fight Inequality (and why that fight needs you)

Reviewed by Deborah Doane, Partner, Rights CoLab. Inequality is ‘the meta issue’ we should all focus on, argues Ben Phillips. It is holding back progress on all other issues from poverty to climate change. One …

Book review Deborah Doane 2 June 2020


Reviewed by Deborah Doane, Partner at Rights CoLab. Something about the SDG targets doesn’t sit right with me, and now I know why thanks to David Boyle’s aptly named and compelling book, Tickbox, which unpacks …

Opinion Deborah Doane 23 April 2020

Thinking long-term during COVID-19

I’ll admit, I haven’t been sleeping very well. Anxiety is keeping me up at night. I’m very good at acknowledging my blessings: I have a home, access to food and can socially distance, unlike millions …

Opinion 2 Deborah Doane 14 April 2019

Making the case for community organising in Europe

I was quite surprised that when I approached funders to talk about their work on community organising in Europe, many simply said, ‘we don’t fund community organising.’ ‘But you fund community philanthropy,’ I said. ‘Oh …

Opinion Deborah Doane 12 July 2017

Funders must join forces to defend civil society

Only last week, the head of Amnesty International in Turkey, Taner Kiliç, was detained while attending a training session on digital security. Sadly news like this no longer comes as a shock. Turkey, alongside several …