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Book review Deborah Doane 2 June 2020 For Subscribers


Reviewed by Deborah Doane, Partner at Rights CoLab. Something about the SDG targets doesn’t sit right with me, and now I know why thanks to David Boyle’s aptly named and compelling book, Tickbox, which unpacks …

Opinion Deborah Doane 23 April 2020

Thinking long-term during COVID-19

I’ll admit, I haven’t been sleeping very well. Anxiety is keeping me up at night. I’m very good at acknowledging my blessings: I have a home, access to food and can socially distance, unlike millions …

Opinion 2 Deborah Doane 14 April 2019

Making the case for community organising in Europe

I was quite surprised that when I approached funders to talk about their work on community organising in Europe, many simply said, ‘we don’t fund community organising.’ ‘But you fund community philanthropy,’ I said. ‘Oh …

Opinion Deborah Doane 12 July 2017

Funders must join forces to defend civil society

Only last week, the head of Amnesty International in Turkey, Taner Kiliç, was detained while attending a training session on digital security. Sadly news like this no longer comes as a shock. Turkey, alongside several …