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Donika Dimovska

Special feature Donika Dimovska 31 May 2022

Is philanthropy finally ready to embrace intelligent failure?

Owning and learning from failure is a thing most foundations still seem eager to put off. Many of the reasons for this are evident, but three main obstacles prevent them from seeing learning from their …

Special feature Donika Dimovska and Lynda Mansson 31 May 2022 For Subscribers

Peer Dialogue: Success isn’t the priority

Created in 1994 to support conservation and sustainable economies mainly around the Mediterranean, coastal West Africa and Switzerland, the MAVA Foundation will cease grantmaking this year. Self-analysis has been a key part of its winding-down …

Analysis Donika Dimovska, Simon Sommer and Fabio Segura 14 June 2021

Can Co-Leadership be the future of philanthropy?

The current global pandemic has reinforced the reality that we live in a highly complex, ever-changing world, and that if we have any chance of tackling some of the big global challenges ahead of us, …