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Farahnaz Karim

Practical advice Farahnaz Karim 30 August 2021

How to help Afghans? Suggestions for impactful and respectful giving

The security and political crisis in Afghanistan has touched many around the world who are ready to help, host and welcome Afghan refugees as the Taliban carefully calibrate and repackage their religious brand, using a …

Opinion 1 Farahnaz Karim 2 June 2021

The nature of capital and other threats to impact

Human nature and its constructs Capitalism is arguably our triumphant ideology, a foundational construct that orders our lives and societies. It fuels an entire system where private profit (and ego) stimulates creativity, innovation, complex systems, …

Practical advice Farahnaz Karim 20 July 2020

Riding the impact wave: The brave new world

In this uncertain era, many are re-imagining and preparing for a Brave New World. A world where profit is inextricably linked to people and the planet; a world where disciplines such as economics and accounting …

Opinion Farahnaz Karim and Audrey Selian 23 May 2020

A call for ‘timely’ capital

The reality of fund-raising for those seeking ‘patient capital’ has proven more elusive than the current optimistic narrative about impact investing would suggest, and it begs the question: can capital really be patient? The unstated …