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Gillian Murray

Opinion Gillian Murray 18 June 2014

Pilotlight and the Weston Charity Awards – what happens when you launch a brand new award for charities?

The first year of the Weston Charity Awards, founded by the Garfield Weston Foundation and Pilotlight, focussed on the North East, where the foundation’s research by Cathy Pharoah found that government spending cuts have affected …

Opinion Gillian Murray 10 December 2012

Spotlight on governance

Governance is an issue that comes up time and time again with both the charities and business members we bring together at Pilotlight. Working as we do with small charities, we see many struggling to …

Opinion 1 Gillian Murray 24 October 2012

Why social enterprise?

In the UK alone there are approximately 68,000 social enterprises contributing at least £24 billion to the economy. Last week we launched a guide for charities interested in social enterprise, in collaboration with SEUK. Increasingly, …