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Analysis Graciela Hopstein 28 October 2022

Elections in Brazil: what is the relationship between philanthropy and democracy?

We are just days away from the second round of elections in Brazil (on 30 October) that will choose a new president for the next four years. In the view of several analysts, these are …

Special feature Allyne Andrade E Silva and Graciela Hopstein 6 September 2022 For Subscribers

Is decolonising philanthropy making headway?

The colonial mentality has infected the practice of philanthropy in Brazil, but there are transformative ways to overcome it Philanthropy has traditionally been framed around a colonialist extractive rationale. Coloniality of power is a term …

Special feature 1 Halima Mahomed, Graciela Hopstein and Romy Krämer 2 June 2020

Entering the funding arena

Social movements have rarely featured in funders’ theories of change or strategies. This is slowly changing and international interest in movements is rising Friday’s for Future, NiUnaMenos, Lucha, #BlackLivesMatter, the uprisings in Chile and HongKong, …

Opinion 2 Romy Krämer, Graciela Hopstein and Halima Mahomed 26 March 2020

Social movements in times of pandemic: the moment for philanthropy has arrived

The global Corona pandemic might very well be the biggest crisis of our lifetime. The current situation has the potential to not only disrupt the status quo but to change our social, economic and political …

Opinion Graciela Hopstein 9 July 2018

Philanthropy in Brazil: Obstacles, challenges and opportunities

Brazilian philanthropy is maturing, expanding visibly and becoming more diversified – as indicated by two recent studies: a report on Philanthropy in Brazil, produced by Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace (PSJP) and presented in Brazil in …