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Blog 1 Ise Bosch 31 May 2013

From good to great philanthropy – risk, hypocrisy and viking helmets

The ‘good to great foundations’ session was well worth it, with more than enough material to warrant a longer session than the allocated two and a half hours. There were preceding sessions in 2011 and …

Letter Ise Bosch 1 June 2012

What about gender justice investing?

Regarding an otherwise excellent special feature on resilience investing, I was missing a discussion of gender justice grantmaking/investing (besides mentioning SEWA). As Mary Robinson, president of the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice, recently reminded …

Book review Ise Bosch 1 June 2012

A Manager’s Journey From Hell Or How to Do Charity Work Successfully and From the Heart

A Manager’s Journey From Hell makes for touching, and endearing, reading. It’s touching to see motivational literature for managers – and anyone questioning how income can turn into happiness – coming from Slovakia. Eastern bloc …

Opinion Ise Bosch 1 September 2010

Investors’ Perspectives – Matching investments with mission

A ‘unified investment strategy’ aligns a fund’s grantmaking programmes and financial investments with its mission to increase its social impact. How does this work for a medium-sized, private funding organization with a mission that is …