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John Harvey

Opinion John Harvey 14 March 2012

Wicked solutions to wicked problems

More than ever, foundations seeking a global impact are being called upon to fund solutions to the problems of the world – poverty, climate change, clean drinking water, failing education systems and more. What more …

Conference reports John Harvey 22 November 2011

Bellagio offers fresh thinking on collaboration and effectiveness

The Bellagio Summit continued its third module on 18 and 19 November, this time under the title of ‘Future frameworks for development and philanthropic collaboration’. Speakers in the opening plenary offered a range of views …

Opinion 6 John Harvey 4 August 2011

Defining ‘global philanthropy’

Within the English language, the phrase ‘global philanthropy’ has come into widespread use over the past decade – the phrase certainly peppers the ever-expanding literature produced by Alliance. In the US, where once philanthropic interests …

Conference Report John Harvey 1 December 2010 For Subscribers

African Grantmakers Network Assembly

‘We will fight for our independence. We will do things our way,’ declared one participant on the closing afternoon of the 1st Pan African Assembly of the African Grantmakers Network (AGN). His sentiment was echoed …