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John Heller

Analysis John Heller 1 December 2007

New partnerships for child nutrition

The headlines from India can sometimes be misleading. Growth rates are soaring, the economy is overheating, a high-tech giant is in the making. While these headlines ring true in the corporate parks of Bangalore and …

News John Heller 1 September 2004

Building assets for social justice

‘The popular image of Justice is a blindfolded woman with a weighing balance,’ recounted Ambassador Howard Dee, a noted Filipino social leader, philosopher and foundation leader. ‘Social justice, in my view,’ he continued, ‘is when …

Conference Report John Heller 1 September 2003 For Subscribers

Is there a will?

Can foundations help society become more just? How can they address the underlying causes of poverty and injustice? Seeking answers to these questions brought 33 foundation leaders to the very heart of philanthropy’s promise, and …

News John Heller 1 March 2003

What is philanthropy for social justice?

Should philanthropy for social justice focus only on the most marginalized – and does this raise questions of fairness? How do we ascribe relative importance to process versus results? How do we weigh the value …