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Jon Cracknell

Opinion Jon Cracknell, Hannah Roeyer and Helene Desanlis 3 November 2021

Climate change is here. Where is European philanthropy?

Dear funders, we have two questions for you. First, do you get out of bed in the morning thinking about issues like human rights, gender, migration, public health, inequality, peace and security, education, democracy, poverty …

Analysis Jon Cracknell 1 March 2010

Beyond the scattergun?

There is now widespread recognition that ‘the hour is late’ in relation to the global and systemic environmental challenges faced by humanity. Recent research into funding for environmental causes, however, shows that while environmental grantmaking …

News Jon Cracknell 1 December 2009

Climate change still neglected by funders in US and UK

With warning lights for many of the planet’s key ecosystems flashing amber or red, two new reports show that despite growth in green giving on both sides of the Atlantic, environmental issues continue to receive …

Special feature Jon Cracknell 1 September 2007

How can we raise our game?

Despite high levels of media coverage of climate change, there are few signs of significant changes in public behaviour. Public concern about climate change is growing everywhere. In the UK, for example, more than 70 …