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Kalle Korhonen

Conference reports Kalle Korhonen 5 June 2017

From theory to practice (and back!) in solidarity

Here are some reflections on themes discussed at the 2017 EFC conference in Warsaw and on the implications to my own practices as a research funder at Kone Foundation in Helsinki. Agency, power, and responsibility Agency …

Conference reports Kalle Korhonen 29 May 2016

EFC AGA 2016: Should research on foundations be academic?

Although foundations tend to underline their uniqueness, collecting information on foundation funding and using the information to improve our operations is still an important part of what we do. Two sessions I attended at the …

Conference reports Kalle Korhonen 28 May 2016

EFC AGA 2016: Learning points for beginners in civil society

Here are some ideas of what a grantmaker interested but unexperienced in civil society learned in the EFC conference session “The shrinking space for civil society – What can we do?”. There was a panel …

Conference reports Kalle Korhonen 27 May 2016

EFC AGA 2016: How to fix broken systems

What can foundations do when people feel that something is wrong with democracy? This question was addressed in the EFC conference session “Democracy in Europe, from utopia to dystopia – Where did we get lost? …