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Katy Love

Practical advice Katy Love and Winifred Ollif 18 May 2020

How to do participatory grantmaking online during COVID-19

Can funders manage participatory decision-making during a pandemic? Yes! We know participatory grantmaking can be effective online because we’ve done it. Calls are growing for funders to open up their decision-making and share power with …

Opinion Hannah Paterson and Katy Love 25 February 2020

Participatory grantmaking: it can be done – here’s how

Creating collective decision-making processes is hard work, but with the right investments it can be a transformative experience for all who participate. Here’s how… Over the course of our work, we’ve both created, participated in, …

Analysis Dr Stellah Wairimu Bosire, Rose Longhurst, Katy Love and Diana Samarasan 10 December 2019

Participatory grantmaking: can we afford not to do it?

Participatory grantmaking is a promising way to practise a more just and equitable approach to philanthropy, though implementing it requires considerable readjustment of both attitudes and ways of working. In this article, we – practitioners …