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Katy Love

Practical advice Diana Samarasan and Katy Love 12 April 2023

A self-assessment tool for foundations on participatory practices

With the fragile state of democracy, growing inequality, social movements calling for action, and demands to address systemic injustices, philanthropic institutions are increasingly exploring participatory grantmaking. It seems that the concept of participation – involving …

Practical advice Katy Love and Winifred Ollif 18 May 2020

How to do participatory grantmaking online during COVID-19

Can funders manage participatory decision-making during a pandemic? Yes! We know participatory grantmaking can be effective online because we’ve done it. Calls are growing for funders to open up their decision-making and share power with …

Opinion Hannah Paterson and Katy Love 25 February 2020

Participatory grantmaking: it can be done – here’s how

Creating collective decision-making processes is hard work, but with the right investments it can be a transformative experience for all who participate. Here’s how… Over the course of our work, we’ve both created, participated in, …

Analysis Dr Stellah Wairimu Bosire, Rose Longhurst, Katy Love and Diana Samarasan 10 December 2019

Participatory grantmaking: can we afford not to do it?

Participatory grantmaking is a promising way to practise a more just and equitable approach to philanthropy, though implementing it requires considerable readjustment of both attitudes and ways of working. In this article, we – practitioners …