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Kavita Ramdas

Special feature Erin Ganju, Romy Krämer, Michael Alberg-Seberich and Kavita Ramdas 7 March 2023 For Subscribers

Peer Dialogue: ‘Walking the talk of transformation’

Don’t just state your values – live them. Romy Krämer of the Guerrilla Foundation and Kavita Ramdas, independent philanthropy adviser and founder of KNR Sisters Consulting who also has long experience of institutional philanthropy, discuss …

Special feature Kavita Ramdas 1 March 2002

‘Afghanistan is everywhere,’ Afghan women remind us

The Afghan Women’s Summit for Democracy in Brussels in early December 2001 brought together over 40 Afghan women activists.[1] The aim: to give voice to Afghan women’s aspirations and demands as the world begins to …

Special feature Kavita Ramdas 1 December 2000

Reaching beyond the comfort zone – the challenge for grantmakers

In every country, women and girls are among the poorest of the poor, the most marginalized and disempowered sections of society; they face repeated violations of their basic human rights. Often women are the backbone …