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Conference Report Laura Starita 14 April 2011 For Subscribers

Experts disagree on foundations’ role in international development

An afternoon session at the Council on Foundations conference on Sunday about international development and philanthropy’s role highlighted some disagreement about where foundations can add the greatest amount of value. This seems a fundamental question, …

Conference Report Laura Starita 1 June 2009 For Subscribers

Global Philanthropy Forum

More than 500 attendees from philanthropy, government and private enterprise gathered at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC from 22 to 24 April for the annual conference of the Global Philanthropy Forum. The organization’s mission …

Analysis Laura Starita 1 December 2008

Will they pay?

When it comes to financial matters, few could argue that expert advice applied prudently could be a bad thing. This is as true of philanthropic investments as it is of stocks, yet until recently the …