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Leila Hessini

Analysis Leila Hessini 19 September 2023

The impact of MacKenzie Scott’s resourcing of women’s funds

MacKenzie Scott’s commitment to give away all her wealth is particularly important in a context where philanthropic institutions are eradicating programs – such as reproductive justice and gender-based violence – that are key to feminist …

Analysis Leila Hessini, Halima Mahomed and Rachel Kalera-Mhango 6 June 2023 For Subscribers

A pan-African and feminist transformation

A gathering in Naivasha, Kenya, may prove a landmark for African philanthropy The world is shifting in worrying ways that demand radically different actions to counter them. But it is also shifting in inspiring ways, …

Opinion Leila Hessini 15 March 2014

What difference will the merger make?

On 5 March, Global Fund for Women and the International Museum of Women (IMOW) merged, as reported in the Alliance blog. The merged organization will be called Global Fund for Women, and will bring together …