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Lena Baumgartner

Letter Lena Baumgartner 29 November 2016

Funders need to use knowledge and exert influence

The topic at the last Alliance breakfast club, How much influence does philanthropy have? provoked much debate. One of the speakers, Linsey McGoey, used the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to illustrate her argument. The author of …

Opinion Lena Baumgartner 19 September 2016

The sound of silence

The immense passion sparked recently by the new Prime Minister’s announcement of a new wave of grammar schools has astonished me. There have been frenzied arguments in the media and parliament and this has also …

Opinion 2 Lena Baumgartner 16 April 2013

Funders are in the driving seat when it comes to developing a culture of impact measurement – but are they heading in the right direction?

At a time when many charities are facing falling incomes and rising demands, it has never been more important for them to be able to understand and assess their achievements. Funders have a huge influence …