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Louise Hallman

Analysis Louise Hallman 1 September 2014

The philanthropic ecosystem: forest or octopus?

Ecosystems are complex. They incorporate living organisms like plants, non-living components such as water, and the complex interactions between these different elements which have varying impacts upon each other. Removal or expansion of one part …

Opinion 1 Louise Hallman 29 January 2013

Interview with Buzz Schmidt

The F B Heron Foundation was established in 1992 with the mission of ‘helping people and communities to help themselves’. Although not the largest foundation by endowment, it has gained a strong reputation in the …

Opinion Louise Hallman 14 January 2013

Interview with Andreas Rickert

PHINEO, the German ‘NGO ratings agency’, was launched in 2010. It offers analysis of where best donors should grant their money in a hectic market of 550,000 NGOs in Germany. CEO of PHINEO Andreas Rickert …

Opinion Louise Hallman 3 January 2013

Philanthropy as acupuncture: it’s all about where you put the needle

‘Philanthropy is like acupuncture,’ declared Hakan Altinay, senior fellow for global economy and development at the Brookings Institution, during the Salzburg Global Seminar session on ‘Philanthropy in Times of Crisis and Transition: Catalyzing Forces of …

Opinion 1 Louise Hallman 18 December 2012

Interview with Kyle Peterson

The Salzburg Global Seminar (SGS) session on ‘Value vs Profit: Recalculating Return on Investment in Social and Financial Terms’ saw the use of a great many terms – like ‘shared value’, ‘impact investing’ and ‘collective …

Conference reports 1 Louise Hallman 30 October 2012

Crossing the mountains and building the bridges between NGOlandia and Bizworld

Although Salzburg Global Seminar says it likes to do things a little differently to most convening spaces – bringing together ‘all of the pieces of the jigsaw’ to solve ‘globally interactive problems’ creatively, as program …