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Maribel Koeniger

Conference reports Maribel Koeniger 5 June 2017

Let’s talk about democracy

Jerzy Buzek opened the 28th EFC Conference, active MP of the European Parliament and distinguished historical figure of Solidarność, the first independent union of the Eastern Bloc, representing its successful struggle against communist autocracy. His …

Conference reports Maribel Koeniger 2 June 2015

EFC Conference 2015: is it all about leverage now?

Do I really do a good job? Does my project have an impact? Could or should it have a bigger impact? How can I measure it? Could I team up with somebody to increase my …

News Maribel Koeniger 16 May 2014

EFC Conference 2014: Speed up, foundations! We need you now! Might impatience become a new motor for philanthropic action?

The main topic of this year’s EFC Annual Assembly is a rather contemplative one: By “Rethinking Europe” the participants have been invited to step out of the daily business for three days, to debate a …