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Max von Abendroth

Opinion Anna Hirsch-Holland and Max von Abendroth 9 June 2023

Partnerships for a sustainable future: Philanthropy’s emerging role in public-private collaboration

The interconnected and urgent challenges the world is facing today are becoming all too familiar: climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, shrinking civic space, inequality, instability – the list goes on. Tackling such complex issues, requires us …

Conference reports Max von Abendroth 24 July 2022

Gathering momentum for philanthropy to engage in public-private partnerships

If I have learned one thing over my past five years working in philanthropy, then it is that partnerships are key to address the challenges of our time in an impactful way. No single organisation …

Opinion 1 Max von Abendroth 21 April 2021

A call to philanthropy to be bold. Now.

‘10 years to transform the future of humanity – or to destabilize the planet’ – this is the reality philanthropy is facing today. In time for Earth Day 2021 Dafne’s Max von Abendroth is calling …

Analysis Max von Abendroth 4 September 2018

Advocating for philanthropy in Europe

An emboldened coalition can make the case to EU institutions of the importance of philanthropy to Europe’s future The activity and effectiveness of European philanthropy over the past years has been significantly shaped and partly …