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Noshir Dadrawala

News Noshir Dadrawala 1 June 2015

How is corporate India responding to the new CSR law?

A full fiscal year has passed since the new Indian Companies Act 2013 came into force, mandating CSR for companies meeting certain criteria of turnover, net worth and net profit. One still observes a lot …

Book review Noshir Dadrawala 1 December 2002

NGO Management – Michael Edwards and Alan Fowler (eds)

Over the last decade NGOs have moved from ‘ladles in the global soup kitchen’ to a force for transformation in global politics and economics. Literature on effectively managing NGOs has also exploded. However, this enormous …

Special feature Noshir Dadrawala 1 September 2002

India – Community philanthropy

The world’s oldest surviving community foundation – Noshir Dadrawala People in the West tend to assume that community foundations are a modern, Western innovation. This is incorrect. Probably the oldest surviving community foundation in the …

Book review Noshir Dadrawala 1 December 2001

Managing for Change: Leadership, strategy and management in Asian NGOs by Ian Smillie and John Hailey

Managing for Change is an insightful comparative study of how voluntary organizations provide the ‘cutting edge’ of social change in the resource-crunched, unstable and complex political and financial environment of South Asia. It is a …