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Nicolas Makharashvili

Conference reports 1 Nicolas Makharashvili 17 August 2015

Transforming civil society in Western Balkans through cross-border collaboration

With woods of firs, pines and spruces in the background, representatives from civil society organizations (CSOs) from Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia gathered in Zlatibor, Serbia to pitch project ideas to a …

Conference reports 1 Nicolas Makharashvili 8 June 2015

Diaspora philanthropy, giving effectively across borders and emerging trends in global philanthropy

Over the past few years diaspora giving has grown significantly stemming from the global mobility of talent and increasing wealth within diaspora communities globally. Simultaneously, philanthropic groups and community foundations in developing countries are increasing …

Opinion 2 Nicolas Makharashvili 31 August 2014

Five Cost Effective Tactics for Driving Engagement in the Nonprofit Sector

Employee engagement is used to describe employees’ attitudes and dispositions towards the employer, mission statement and their job responsibilities. Leadership’s ability to inspire, engage and motivate staff is fundamental to the continued success of any …

Opinion 2 Nicolas Makharashvili 3 January 2014

Are Donor Education Workshops Right for you?

Today, more than ever before, individual philanthropists are aiming to incubate innovative solutions to social problems and pioneering diverse approaches to charitable giving by bringing to scale demonstration projects that show how to put every …