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Peter Laugharn

Conference Report Peter Laugharn 1 September 2010 For Subscribers

International AIDS Conference 2010

Mega-conferences are exhausting events. The International AIDS Conference in Vienna in mid-July was no exception. It brought together 20,000 participants of diverse backgrounds – scientists, experts, funders, activists and people living with AIDS – and …

Special feature Peter Laugharn 1 September 2008

Proactive vs responsive philanthropy

Each foundation is faced with the question of how its agenda will be set – and reset. This article looks at both responsive and proactive styles, and their extreme versions of ‘reactive’ and ‘directive’ grantmaking. …

Special feature Peter Laugharn 1 June 2007 For Subscribers

How can we do better?

The world is facing urgent and complex problems which are global in their nature and thus beyond the capability of national governments to solve alone. How can foundations contribute to solving these problems? In both …

Special feature Peter Laugharn 1 June 2006

Who is ‘we’? Devising an explicit learning agenda

The Bernard van Leer Foundation (BvLF) has long thought of itself as an organization that draws insights from its field experience and shares them with a wide audience. Thus for years we have combined grantmaking …

Special feature Peter Laugharn 1 December 2004

Letter to a new international funder

The Bernard van Leer Foundation (BvLF), which works in 35 countries and devotes 97 per cent of its funding to overseas grants,[1] has worked with a number of smaller Dutch foundations that have expressed an …