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Opinion Philo Alto 7 April 2020

Reflections from Hong Kong: Opportunity amidst the COVID-19 crisis for a reset in philanthropies and mindsets

Although Asia’s initial outbreaks of COVID-19 overwhelmed parts of the region, many cities and countries quickly imposed strict measures that managed to dampen the virus spread – for now. As the coronavirus epicentre shifted west …

Letter Philo Alto 4 June 2019 For Subscribers

Should philanthropy rock the boat? Not so fast!

I generally agree with Julian Corner’s article on the relationship between systems change and philanthropy  (Alliance, March 2019). Philanthropy is indeed in a unique position to support changing the system by virtue of its independence, …

Book review Philo Alto 4 June 2019 For Subscribers

The Purpose of Capital: Elements of impact, financial flows, and natural being

Reviewed by Philo Alto, Asia Value Advisors Today’s global economic progress is increasingly being overshadowed by worsening inequality, socio-economic and ideological fractures, and the dangers of climate change. In response, there has been a growing …

Letter Philo Alto 5 March 2019

Fascinating insight into working at scale

I enjoyed reading the interview with James Chen (December 2018). James’ steadfast approach to philanthropy, leveraging deep domain expertise to catalyse social impacts is worth emulating by those who seek to do good outside of …

Conference reports Philo Alto 26 November 2018

Reflections from impact investing in Asia: a diverse and dynamic market

This month, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), Asia Value Advisors, and BNP Paribas Hong Kong, co-hosted the event, ‘Impact Investing in Asia: A Diverse and Dynamic Market’ at the BNP Paribas Hong Kong’s offices. The forum …

Book review Philo Alto 29 May 2018 For Subscribers

‘The ImpactAssets Handbook for Investors: Generating social and environmental value through capital investing’ Edited by Jed Emerson

Reviewed by Philo Alto Jed Emerson’s third book provides both a practitioner’s toolkit to impact investing and builds a compelling case for why investors should align their capital with their values and purpose for the …