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Rachel Findlay

Opinion Rachel Findlay and NPC 24 February 2015

Time for open data!

The UK government is ‘the most open and transparent in the world’, according to research by the World Wide Web Foundation. This announcement was greeted gloomily on all sides. Those who wish to see greater …

Opinion Rachel Findlay 20 December 2012

Highlighting the importance of private philanthropic foundations

It is widely recognized that this is a tough time for the charity sector. Public donations to charities have fallen by 20% in real terms in the past year, with £1.7 billion less being given. £81 …

Opinion 1 Rachel Findlay 1 November 2012

The Stone Prize: searching for innovation

Earlier this year, the Stone Family Foundation, with support from NPC, launched its  £100,000 Stone Prize for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Water. After an extensive eight-month process of looking for candidates and shortlisting down from …