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Rajesh Tandon

Special feature Rajesh Tandon 6 March 2018

Whither Indian diaspora philanthropy?

‘If you want to give back to India, this is the best time to do so,’ Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, told the Indian community in the US during his visit to America in June …

Opinion 2 Rajesh Tandon 17 October 2011

Transformative philanthropy in India: equity, freedom and justice

  TPI’s Center for Global Philanthropy recently hosted Philanthropy and Social Change in India, an event co-sponsored by New England International Donors, featuring Dr Rajesh Tandon, founder and president of the Society for Participatory Research …

Editorial Rajesh Tandon 1 December 1998 For Subscribers

Editorial – Philanthropy and civil society in South Asia

Promoting development in countries around the world is one of the most complex human endeavours. Sustainable and continuing socio-economic development requires a holistic perspective and an understanding of the many different dimensions of development. To …