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Richard Holloway

Book review Richard Holloway 1 December 2009

Non-Governmental Organisations and Development by David Lewis and Nazneen Kanji

If you are looking for a comprehensive book on the subject of NGOs, go no further. This book, it is true, covers ground that others have covered, usually in much more dense and arcane language, …

Book review Richard Holloway 1 September 2002

Stealing from the People by Partnership for Governance Reform, Indonesia

NGOs working on governance and democracy in the South have grown in size and numbers. Northern donors have funded them expecting this will serve their own good governance agendas. In a few countries specialist anti-corruption …

Book review Richard Holloway 1 December 1999

Promoting Corporate Citizenship: Opportunities for business and civil society engagement by edited by Laurie Regelbrugge

Brought out by CIVICUS in time for the Third World Assembly in Manila in September, this book is partly a collection of briefing documents for participants and partly an attempt by CIVICUS to position itself …