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Book review Richard Jenkins 11 March 2016

No Such Thing as a Free Gift: The Gates Foundation and the price of philanthropy – Linsey McGoey

Review by Richard Jenkins Why might anyone think philanthropy was a bad thing? Linsey McGoey explains why with thoroughness, insight, flair, first-hand experience and an impressive range of arguments marshalled from fields as wide-ranging as …

Opinion Richard Jenkins 12 October 2015

Letting the facts speak: Using data to talk to government

The time is a few years back.  I’m meeting civil servants, trying to get across some nuanced messages about charitable foundations in the UK. ‘Well’, I say, ‘there are lots of them – we think …

Special feature Richard Jenkins 1 June 2013

Taking a chance on longevity: a third option for endowed foundations

It wasn’t so long ago that trustees of endowed foundations could spend 5 per cent of the value of their portfolio each year on their mission, confident that the residue would maintain its value in …

Book review Richard Jenkins 1 March 2013

Duty of Care: The role of trusts and foundations in supporting voluntary organisations through difficult times

Do grantmakers have a duty of care to those they fund? The proposition put forward by the Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) in a report published at the end of 2012 is that they …

News Richard Jenkins 1 June 2012

Dispelling the false assumptions

It is said that endowed charitable foundations have great freedom. Possession of assets – exclusively in the control of the board – means that foundations can decide what they want to do without reference to …