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Rob Abercrombie

Practical advice Rob Abercrombie 21 March 2019

De-mystifying systems change

‘Systems change’ is a term that is heard a lot in the charity sector right now, and that’s a good thing because it’s a powerful way of seeing the world. That social problems are systemic …

Opinion 1 Rob Abercrombie 28 January 2019

Soft power and royal philanthropy

Two fundamental philosophies exist in our sector: one believes in working to improve the lives of individuals but accepts the world we live in more or less as it is; the other asserts that it …

Opinion Rob Abercrombie 6 March 2017

An industrial strategy for philanthropy

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Industrial Strategy has been criticised by some as too feeble to make much difference, and by others as unwarranted government interference in markets. Whatever the truth, it certainly marks a …

Opinion Rob Abercrombie 5 August 2016

Power corrupts, but not in the way you think

The turbulent events of this summer, from Trump to Brexit, have made us all think a bit more about power. What standards of behaviour can be expected of those seeking it? How do we deal …