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Ruth Richardson

Opinion Ruth Richardson and Stefan Schurig 2 July 2022

Industrial models of food and energy are failing. The G7 must do better.

There was much debate over what should have been the central topic of discussion at this year’s G7 summit in Germany. It was set against a turbulent backdrop that global leaders meet: the war in …

Special feature Ruth Richardson 30 November 2021

A moment between then and now

We must take the opportunity offered by events to reconfigure the world’s food systems – and that involves seeing them as systems When we first sat down to conceptualise this issue, we thought about the …

Special feature Ruth Richardson, Zulfiquar Haider and Vijay Thallam 30 November 2021 For Subscribers

Peer Dialogue: Food security, climate change and pandemia

Climate change and the pandemic have brought deficiencies in food systems into stark focus. ‘Natural farming’ offers one possibility for much-needed change. Guest editor Ruth Richardson talks with Vijay Thallam of the Andhra Pradesh Community-managed …