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Ruth Shapiro

Analysis Ruth Shapiro and Vincent Cheng 24 February 2022

Philanthropy with Chinese characteristics: through the lens of health

China is rapidly becoming one of the most philanthropic nations in the world. While it is impossible to know with certainty how much philanthropic capital is flowing, we do know that it is, and in …

Opinion Ruth Shapiro 6 July 2020

Doing Good Index 2020 shows how Asia can maximise doing good in a post-Covid world

Famous American politician Tip O’Neil once said that ‘all politics is local’. These days, philanthropy is local as well. Of course, not all philanthropy has localised, but even prior to COVID-19, we saw trends toward …

Analysis Mehvesh Mumtaz Ahmed and Ruth Shapiro 2 June 2020

Valuing Asian social enterprise

As the coronavirus ravages businesses and communities, people are isolated, thrown out of work, cut off from medical care, and in need of services often provided by social enterprises. But new research shows that social …