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Theodoros Chronopoulos

Opinion Theodoros Chronopoulos 18 May 2023

Heeding the call: Advancing adolescent mental health in South Africa

The mental health of young people is in crisis around the world. It was dire before COVID, which only exacerbated the situation–straining and severing connections to school, community, and health systems, dimming economic prospects, and …

Opinion Theodoros Chronopoulos 25 November 2022

Fortify young minds; invest in youth mental health

Mental health is just as important as physical health. But it’s rarely treated that way. Particularly for young people – who are in a crucial state of emotional, social, and physical development, and who are …

Special feature Theodoros Chronopoulos, Deborah Diedericks and Eva Roca 1 March 2022

Strengthening young people’s mental well-being

Adolescence can be a critical time for mental health, especially in challenging circumstances. Funders who work with young people – on any issue – can help At EMpower, we partner with organisations in emerging market …