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Tobias Troll

Special feature Arianne Shaffer and Tobias Troll 5 March 2019

Let’s change the system, not the symptoms

Our society is structured to put the profit and privilege of a few before the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants Philanthropy is constantly trying to reinvent and justify itself. ‘Systems change’ and ‘systemic …

Opinion 1 Tobias Troll 26 January 2018

It’s the System, stupid! A comment on Co-Impact

Co-Impact, ‘a new model of collaborative philanthropy’, aims to address ‘systems change’ through large-scale, long-term and strategic grant-making. I welcome the debate that this initiative is generating in Alliance and elsewhere. Olivia Leland, founder and …

Conference reports Edge Funders and Tobias Troll 22 July 2016

Building the home for systemic change philanthropy

While sports-loving Europe was fixed on Paris because of the finals of the EuroCup, the European members of the EDGE Funders Alliance (‘Engaged Donors for Global Equity’) gathered not far from the French capital to …

Conference reports Tobias Troll 28 May 2016

EFC AGA 2016: Breaking the iron curtain between investing and grant-making

Private companies have the purpose to make money. Civil society organisations want to do good. Foundations need to do both – make money through investing their endowment, and contribute to social change, based on their …