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Tulika Srivastava

Special feature Tulika Srivastava 3 December 2019

Revolutionising philanthropy across Asia and the Pacific

Feminism’s purpose is to disrupt power and funders who support it need to embrace this principle to achieve genuine gender justice Feminism is about disrupting power, so feminist philanthropy is about challenging and disrupting the …

Opinion Tulika Srivastava 29 January 2018

Resourcing social justice: understanding philanthropy in India

Sarojini Naidu once quipped to Mahatma Gandhi: ‘Bapuji! It takes a lot of money to keep you poor!’ Conversations about philanthropy and social justice as a sector are few in India, which makes Caroline Hartnell’s paper extremely relevant and timely. She has …

Special feature Tulika Srivastava 5 September 2017

Feminist philanthropy comes to South Asia 

For decades, the donor-grantee power relationship has been skewed. Those who ‘give’ have power over those who ‘receive’. This is even more pronounced in south Asia where the state, donors based in the global north and corporate foundations dominate. It is crucial, therefore, that women’s funds in particular are challenging the current politics of aid as well as the status quo that exists …