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Vadim Samodorov

Special feature Vadim Samodorov 1 March 2007

New philanthropists in Russia – Taming the wild philanthrocapitalists

When talking about ‘philanthrocapitalism’, it’s important to keep in mind that new trends in philanthropy reflect the socio-economic evolution of society. In the new economy, ideas and creativity capitalize much faster than industrial assets, and …

Special feature Vadim Samodorov 1 March 2006

Community foundations in Russia – Adapting for sustainability

Community foundations are established for the purpose of raising local funds and working with local donors; if they do this successfully, they will become sustainable. Sustainability is thus the key measure of success. To become …

Special feature Vadim Samodorov 1 December 2005

Russia: A ‘weapon’ that we need

‘Give us 20 quiet years and you will not recognize Russia.’ Peter Stolypin (Head of Russian Government,1907-1911) From a standing start – there was no philanthropy in Russia 20 years ago – the notion has …

Special feature Vadim Samodorov 1 September 2002

Russia – Companies increasingly willing to support community foundations

The first community foundation in Russia was set up in 1998, in Togliatti, a medium-size city on the Volga with a strong business community and the largest automobile plant in Russia. Community foundations (CFs) now …