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Letter Veritas 6 September 2022 For Subscribers

Help! My foundation won’t put its money where its mouth is

Dear Veritas,  I work for a foundation that bills itself as progressive, but – in my opinion – isn’t working efficiently on the issues it says it cares about. I know that most people don’t …

Letter Veritas 31 May 2022 For Subscribers

Help! What should I do about a flakey fundraiser?

Dear Veritas, Our small US-based nonprofit serving poor families in the Global South recently hired a fundraiser. He charged $25,000 upfront and, based on his reputation, we agreed to contract with him to increase our funding. …

Letter Veritas 1 April 2022

Help! Our organisation has a labour shortage

Dear Veritas, I am in a leadership role at an organisation that has been struggling to get fully staffed for months, thanks to the overall competition for labour where we are located. We do our …

Letter Veritas 1 March 2022

Help! How can I hold my foundation accountable?

Dear Veritas, I work for a foundation that, like so many others, made commitments to diversity and racial justice during the summer of 2020. However, I’m finding that not much has changed – both with …