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Winnie Asiti

Conference reports Winnie Asiti 14 June 2023

Actualizing trust-based, participatory grantmaking for youth climate movements!

Young people engaged on climate action are faced with a myriad challenges including the fact that they are living with impacts of climate change in the global south. Some of these impacts which are currently …

Special feature Felicitas von Peter and Winnie Asiti 1 June 2021

Climate action now!

If it is to play its part in tackling climate change, philanthropy itself needs to change – and it needs to do so immediately Climate change has emerged as the greatest challenge of our time. …

Special feature 1 Felicitas von Peter and Winnie Asiti 1 June 2021

Nigel Topping exclusive: How philanthropy can join the race to zero

Nigel Topping has the world’s climate in his hands. As the UK’s High-Level Climate Action Champion he is responsible for driving the actions of non-state actors – basically anyone and anything not controlled by government …

Special feature Winnie Asiti 1 June 2021

The front-line generation

Guest editor Winnie Asiti talks with climate activists Nisreen Elsaim in Sudan and Kassim Gawusu-Toure in Ghana about the journey to climate justice being driven by the younger generation Nisreen Elsaim WA: Nisreen, could you introduce yourself and tell …