New reports on Impact Assessment, Capacity Building and Social Incubation from AVPN Knowledge Centre


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‘AVPN’s Knowledge Centre is increasing the quality and quantity of social investing in Asia unlike ever before,’ says AVPN CEO Naina Subberwal Batra. Through the publication of three new reports on Impact Assessment, Capacity Building and Social Incubation, AVPN looks to provide critical learning for social investors to become more effective and help to amplify the impact of the social purpose organizations they support.

‘We chose these topics for different reasons. In Capacity Building there’s a need to capture the broad range of practices which we achieved through the case study approach and the synthesis of existing literature’, said Managing Director of the AVPN Knowledge Centre Kevin Teo ‘For impact assessment, there are numerous guides available and yet, we have many members asking us how to get started, which frameworks to learn from, how to implement, interpret and finally present it well. So for this audience, we choose to catalyse best practices in answer to common questions and include portraits from a variety of leading practitioners.’capture-20160613-112529

The Capacity Building Report includes global best practices on needs assessment, capacity building delivery and capacity building impact as well as 10 in-depth Asian case studies on organizations such as DBS Foundation, Social Ventures Hong Kong, British Council China and Empact. The report also includes the capacity building canvas for an actionable takeaway for organizations looking to analyse and improve these efforts.

The Impact Assessment report discusses best practices in four areas of getting started, learning from existing frameworks, implementation and presentation including 13 portraits of Asian impact assessment leaders. Claire Dufour, Executive Director of Nexus for Development, commented: ‘This report is a great guide to navigate the variety of approaches to measure impacts. capture-20160613-113545 It is extremely timely for Nexus as we are developing new facilities to support our members, SMEs and social businesses and look for robust and appropriate M&E frameworks.’ The report functions as Impact Assessment 101 filled with checklists for organizations to design and streamline their efforts in this increasingly important and yet intimidating area.

capture-20160613-112414The Social Incubation report includes a survey of 15 social incubators to summarize insights on effectiveness, operations, program content and human capital. This report, published in partnership with DBSF looks to answer the question ‘Are Social Incubators Effective’ and pulls out key indicators of success.

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