AVPN’s Climate Action Platform to move the needle ‘from intent to action’


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At its annual conference in Singapore last month, AVPN launched the Climate Action Platform to catalyse investment in climate change mitigation and adaptation. With the goal, according to a media release from AVPN, of ‘moving the needle from intent to action’, the Network will use its convening and research capabilities through the Platform to (i) provide members with information to enable them to develop of climate investment projects, (ii) raise the profile of projects by including them on its deal share platform, which also allows investors to use their non-financial resources such as mentoring, strategic advice and market-entry support, and (iii) connect projects with investors.

The short-term aim of the initiative is create coalition of climate leaders and potential investors. Longer-term, AVPN hopes, through the Platform, to increase philanthropic and impact investment capital for climate action and build the capacity of social investment professionals to make educated decisions on grantees and investee organisations in all aspects of climate change. The thematic scope of the climate action platform will reflect the interest and work of member in areas such as plastics pollution, transition to low-carbon energy solutions, climate-smart agriculture solutions, carbon sequestration projects, and disaster-risk reduction interventions. The conference itself premiered some of the interventions the Platform will focus on, featuring sessions on how China and India might collaborate to address the similar challenges both are facing on issues such as pollution and air quality, and affordable renewable energy, and possible solutions to the reduction of marine plastic waste across South-East Asia. The Climate Action Platform is being supported by Hong Kong philanthropist and social investor, Wing Ah Fung, through her Foundation, Brace.

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