Casa Fund launches report on women-led groups in Latin America


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Brazil’s Casa Socio-Environment Fund has launched a new publication on the work of women-led groups in South America.

The second publication of the series ‘Powerful Women: Action of Groups in the Socio-Environmental Agenda’ is now available. The first publication, which was launched in 2021, illustrated a detailed history of Casa Fund’s operations in South America, as well as the years of partnerships the Fun has with GAGGA Alliance, which supports projects that have an intersection between environmental and gender justice.

The new publication focuses on transformations and impacts, through an analysis of data obtained from the projects that Casa Fund supports in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay.

‘Continuous and strategically interconnected support in the territories has great potential to bring benefits to social and community relations and strengthen the actions of women who work in defense of the environment and of life. This study brings data to prove it,’ said Vanessa Purper, Casa Fund Program Manager.

There were significant impacts, not only on personal and professional transformation and on the reverberation of women’s voices, but also within the territories where these organisations operate, the data found.

Women who participated in the initiatives studied by the research reported that they were able to increase the visibility of local organisations, strengthen contact networks, increase leadership capacity, and foster alliances between groups.

‘In addition to financially supporting the execution of projects led by women who defend the environment, the Casa Fund’s mission also includes strengthening the performance and reach of these women’s actions. The publication Powerful Women shows where and how the support received brought transformations,’ said Purper.

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Thank you for helping us disseminate these powerful stories. To access the publication on Casa Fund’s website, here is the link:

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