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Cause for concern: A World AIDS Day account of philanthropic funding

29 November 2018
John Barnes

In our report, published in the lead up to World AIDS Day 2018, Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA) finds that HIV/AIDS-related giving among private philanthropic organisations decreased by five per cent ($37 million) from 2016 to 2017. At $638 million, this is the lowest amount of disbursements since 2014. This decrease was driven largely by two factors: (1) decreases in funding by the majority of funders, and (2) continued concentration of funding among a small …


Uncovering the impact potential of Islamic finance in Asia

15 November 2018
Sarah Hussain and Patsian Low

As the mainstream capital markets and sustainable development movement converge, the silos that represent types of funding are breaking down to meet the demand of mobilising capital for greater impact. In this context, Islamic finance can potentially complement other forms of capital in the Continuum of Capital to serve as a source of funding for initiatives aimed at creating environmental and social impact alongside economic development. Islamic finance is being globally recognized as a key …


Going it together: Making the hard work of systems change easier by collaborating

21 October 2018
Joanne Schneider

Funder collaboration has long been viewed as a useful tool; and now, based on a new report by Rockefeller Philanthropy …


Innovative new intermediaries add to the picture of philanthropy in Brazil

3 September 2018
Leonardo Letelier and Luiza Serpa

‘Caroline, I think you missed a couple of things in your last working paper …’ ‘Oh, did I? Good, excellent …


Partnering with Latin American civil society to make an impact

29 August 2018
Gastón Chillier

A few weeks ago, the latest edition of The State of Global Giving by U.S. Foundations was released. The report …


US Foundations’ Global Giving: Implications for Latin America’s development sector and philanthropy?

28 August 2018
Guayana Paez-Acosta

Earlier this month the Council on Foundations and Foundation Center launched The State of Global Giving by US Foundations: 2011-2015 …


Research highlights untapped potential of diaspora philanthropy

27 August 2018
Maggie Coggan

Charities need to form stronger and ‘better relationships’ with multicultural diaspora groups, in order to unlock their philanthropic potential, a …


What surprised us (and what didn’t) about U.S. Foundations’ Global Giving

14 August 2018
Natalie Ross, Lauren Bradford and Inga Ingulfsen

Today the Council on Foundations and Foundation Center launched, The State of Global Giving by US Foundations: 2011-2015, featuring a …


Philanthropy needs all the help it can get

10 August 2018
Barry Knight

It is good to see that the Alliance Special Feature on ‘Philanthropy’s Developers’ pays homage to some of the pioneers …


The Future of Philanthropy part three: a growing philanthropic oligarchy

2 August 2018
James Alexander

In terms of creating more philanthropic impact, two cross-cutting ideas surfaced repeatedly in the Future of Philanthropy report – digital …


The Future of Philanthropy part two: The rise in south-south and faith-based giving

26 July 2018
James Alexander

In part one of my blog series on the Future of Philanthropy report I discussed the three interconnected drivers of …