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Philea launches: good news for European philanthropy

7 December 2021
Charles Keidan

It took over ten years for a merger of the US Foundation Centre and Guidestar to create Candid. It’s taken the Donors and Foundation Network in Europe and the European Foundation Centre less than two to finally come together as one. While that seems like an age for those of us inside the philanthropy sector – and probably longer for those inside the convergence process – today’s launch is a milestone for European philanthropy. Dafne …


The Lemann Foundation and the case of the AstraZeneca vaccine

30 March 2021
Charles Keidan

What gives philanthropy its social license to operate? That’s a question which Australian philanthropy scholar, commentator and Alliance editorial board member, Krystian Seibert explored in an Alliance essay a couple of years ago. It was a question on my mind again in relation to Brazilian philanthropy as I read our interview with the Lemann Foundation conducted by Alliance digital editor Elika Roohi. In the interview, the Lemann Foundation’s CEO Dennis Mizne’s explained the remarkable role …


A mirror to our field: my five-point plan for the future of philanthropy

21 January 2021
Charles Keidan

At the end of last year, I had the privilege to speak on a panel alongside colleagues in philanthropy around the world at the Gife conference – the leading association for philanthropic foundations in Brazil. I joined Candid President Brad Smith, East Africa Philanthropy Network CEO, Evans Okinyi, as well as AVPN CEO and chairperson Naina Batra who recorded answers to a selection of questions to manage time zone differences. The panel was exploring the …


Foundations aren’t transparent enough, leading corporate funder tells Alliance

20 February 2018
Charles Keidan

The chief executives of two leading philanthropy sector organisations have sharply criticised foundation practice in the UK. In the latest Alliance podcast debating their philanthropy provocation paper Paul Streets of corporate funder the Lloyds Bank Foundation and Dan Corry of think-tank New Philanthropy Capital call on foundations to be more transparent, bolder in advocating for their mission, collaborate better with fellow funders and provide more appropriate support to grantees. When asked about recent concerns about trust in institutions, including …

Conference reports

British foundations have come of age

16 November 2017
Charles Keidan

Around 400 people gathered at the British Medical Association’s headquarters in North London last week for the annual conference of …


European philanthropy gets political but will it last?

6 June 2017
Charles Keidan

European philanthropy has taken a decidedly political turn. Last month over 60 members of the European Foundation Centre (EFC) signed …

Conference reports

Why the future of European philanthropy is German

22 May 2017
Charles Keidan

What does someone who speaks almost zero German do at the annual conference of the Bundersverband Deutscher Stiftung, the Association of …


Time to talk payouts

29 March 2017
Charles Keidan

Foundation payouts – how much a foundation spends as a proportion of their assets each year – might sound obscure …