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Coordinated global philanthropy needs to address global threats

27 March 2021
Marcel Arsenault

Long-term thinkers, including in philanthropy, have been worried about the risks of a pandemic since long before Covid-19 broke out. …


‘Life on land’: the Lao Niu Wetland Protection Project

26 March 2021
Lan Keqi

Established in 2004, the Inner Mongolia Lao Niu Foundation works mainly on environmental protection, culture and education, and industry promotion. …


Mainstreaming children’s rights: an investment for a better tomorrow

24 March 2021
Delphine Moralis

Thirty-one years after the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, ‘progress has gone backwards on every …


The European moment for philanthropy?

19 March 2021
André Wilkens and Esra Kücük

The coronavirus has taught us three lessons: First, it is possible to put an economic system on hold everywhere in …


Our top five learnings from covid-19

19 March 2021
Anna Josse

It’s difficult to grasp that one year on from the initial Covid-19 lockdown we are still in a lockdown. As …


Today’s conservation challenges are bigger than any one solution – or funder

17 March 2021
Chuck Cooper

The world is experiencing two closely related crises that threaten our way of life: the climate and biodiversity crises. The …


Social Innovation in Central & Eastern Europe: Why we should all go back to the Future – but this time with impact

15 March 2021
Bistra Kumbaroska and Christina Forster

27 January 2021 was a striking day for us. On that day, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, founded in …


Harnessing the power of philanthropy to support mental health during Covid-19

12 March 2021
Byron Bitanihirwe

As the nature of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve, a number of socio-economic and public health vulnerabilities have been …


African philanthropy is emerging as a force. How can it increase support to African NGOs?

11 March 2021
Jan Schwier, Maddie Holland, Soa Andrian and Siyasanga Hayi-Charters

When the first confirmed sub-Saharan Africa case of Covid-19 was detected in Nigeria in February 2020, many African governments moved …


30 lessons in pursuit of deep social impact: fostering authentic learning & engagement

5 March 2021
Leslie Pine

When it comes to philanthropy, jumping right into action can be the ‘fun’ part, and can also offer opportunities to …


Assessing the impact of climate litigation

3 March 2021
Jasper Teulings and Shishusri Pradhan

1,587 climate litigation cases were brought between 1986 and 2020 according to LSE’s Grantham Institute and the recent UNEP Global …


A call for investment in narrative competency in divided times

1 March 2021
Julia Roig and Dr Solon Simmons

One thing everyone seems to agree on these days is how divided we are. Toxic polarisation has many inter-connected causes …