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False binaries: A cautionary tale

5 October 2020
Djurdja Trajkovic and Galina Maksimovic

This is the fourth article in a global series about philanthropic responses to COVID-19 and its effects, hosted by the …


How we’re designing to address the Neutrality Paradox

2 October 2020
Elizabeth MacLaren

The Neutrality Paradox is not a new problem at GlobalGiving nor am I a newcomer—having served as part of the …


Deciding together: Participatory approaches highlight a new way forward

1 October 2020
Andrea McGrath, Saumya Shruti and Shaily Acharya

When Diana Samarasan set out to create the Disability Rights Fund in 2008, she had limited experience in grantmaking and funding. As …


Three investing myths that undermine foundations’ impact

28 September 2020
Melody Jensen

In this time of global crisis, foundations must lead with all of their capital. Foundation assets globally exceed $1.5 trillion. …


No, philanthropy sector, we cannot be neutral

25 September 2020
Emily Collins-Ellis

One October morning in 2019, back when international travel and gathering in groups was allowed, I watched as Alix Guerrier, …


Democracy and civic spaces in France: The need for specificity and action

23 September 2020
Inga Wachsmann and Peter Matjašič

Another article on shrinking space? When working together in philanthropy, we tend to have an awareness of our role and …


We don’t know how to get donors to use more evidence to improve their giving

23 September 2020
Caroline Fiennes

What aids and impedes donors using evidence to make their giving more effective? This question motivated a two researchers at …


Foundations can make a difference in the COVID-19 and climate crisis

22 September 2020
Klaus Milke

F20: Cooperate and leave your silo! Continuity, the readiness for cooperation, credibility and a real convening power were cornerstones demonstrated …


Is capacity strengthening support the missing piece in grantmaking? Part II

20 September 2020
Emmanuel Otoo

In part I of this piece, we explored how the situation presented by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an …


Is capacity strengthening support the missing piece in grantmaking? Part I

19 September 2020
Emmanuel Otoo

The dedication that grantmakers and funders bring to facilitate equity and justice in grantmaking continues to drive the quest for …


Introducing the Neutrality Paradox Series: How philanthropists and intermediaries confront and resolve dilemmas

18 September 2020
Alison Carlman

No matter where you get your news these days, social media itself seems to be the story. Platforms are under …


The ethics of platform philanthropy

17 September 2020
Rhodri Davies

In a recent interview for the new Centre on Strategic Philanthropy at Cambridge Judge Business School, Bill Gates identified the …