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Royal patronages of charities have no discernible effect

17 July 2020
Caroline Fiennes

Nearly 1,200 UK charities have Royal patrons. Mindful that some donors are much less helpful than they think they are, …


Infrastructure is so much more than bricks and mortar

16 July 2020
Carl Manlan and Michael Mapstone

Often when people speak about the need for infrastructure development in Africa, they are discussing bricks and mortar, improved physical …


Equipping young people with the skills of the past for the work of the future

15 July 2020
Abeer Al Fouti

Today the world marks an International Youth Skills Day like no other – 2020 not only heralded the beginning of …


This is how philanthropic institutions and social movements can work together effectively

14 July 2020
Huub Schreurs

After reading the latest issue of Alliance magazine, I note a lot of concern on both sides to achieve effective …


Philanthropy for a safe, healthy, and just world: New report explores peacebuilding and philanthropy

14 July 2020
Catriona Gourlay

In 2019, Candid and Centris, with support from PeaceNexus Foundation, conducted a survey, Philanthropy for a Safe, Healthy, and Just …


How African philanthropy responds in a crisis

12 July 2020
Jan Schwier and Maddie Holland

Africa will likely not be spared from the public health and economic ravages of the COVID-19 global pandemic. But while …


Follow Kellogg Foundation’s lead by backing racial justice in Brazil

10 July 2020
Selma Moreira

Brazil makes headlines all over the world today due to the coronavirus outbreak and the constant political crises. But some …


Why the United States should build back better: A call for post-COVID, climate-forward policy

9 July 2020
Jonathan Pershing and Jane Flegal

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a gut punch to the world. Millions of people infected. Hundreds of thousands dead. Hospitals …


Hiding in plain sight: Racism in the room made visible by COVID-19 and how to create new pathways

7 July 2020
Erika Seth Davies

Historic discriminatory policies and practices intentionally designed to eliminate access to economic opportunities for Black, Indigenous, and other people of …


Doing Good Index 2020 shows how Asia can maximise doing good in a post-Covid world

6 July 2020
Ruth Shapiro

Famous American politician Tip O’Neil once said that ‘all politics is local’. These days, philanthropy is local as well. Of …


Environmental philanthropy and COVID-19: More urgent than ever

2 July 2020
Julia Davies

With much of the world exiting a pandemic and entering a recession, the environment and conservation may not seem a …


In Nigeria, philanthropy’s COVID-19 response raises questions

30 June 2020
Shaninomi Eribo

At the end of February, the first case of COVID-19 in Nigeria was recorded in the city of Lagos – …