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Listening for radically different funding realities and environmental justice

22 May 2022
Tariro Tandi

This year’s Commission of the Status of Women (CSW)’s theme was ‘Achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women …


Collaborating to transform philanthropic giving for neglected tropical diseases

19 May 2022
Allison Morris

Over the last decade, funders have embraced a wide range of approaches to maximize the impact of their resources. How …


What practicing corporate law taught me about philanthropy

10 May 2022
Conniel Malek

I walked away from the corporate world after a decade of practicing law at a multinational business, and I never …


Funders and charities should be equal players in a collective effort

9 May 2022
Ben Cairns and Kamna Muralidharan

In response to recent exchanges in Alliance magazine about the nature and efficacy of trust based philanthropy, we join the …


What could Elon Musk’s Twitter bid mean for philanthropy?

4 May 2022
Rhodri Davies

Elon Musk’s penchant for publicity stunts, deliberately provocative statements and picking fights has made him a magnet for media attention. …


We practice trust-based philanthropy. Here’s what it looks like

1 May 2022
Lauren Janus and Janell Johnson

Recently, Simon Sommer of the Jacobs Foundation in Switzerland wrote a critique of the practice of trust-based philanthropy (TBP), a …


A historical case for trust-based philanthropy

28 April 2022
Greg Hilditch

Like any other field of human activity, philanthropy has gone through different fashions over the years. Whether it’s impact philanthropy …


Supercharging environment and climate protection: 7 megatrends in philanthropic practice

27 April 2022
Amanda Martin

The urgency of the climate and biodiversity crises has never been clearer. Here in Australia, with floods, fires and droughts …


MacKenzie Scott upsets the apple cart of Latin American philanthropy

25 April 2022
Florencia Roitstein and Andrés Thompson

Hundreds of thousands of women across Latin America are demanding their rights and taking their own steps to transform their …


Imagining a world where we trust young feminists

24 April 2022
Purity Kagwiria and Juliana Vélez Uribe

When we think about the ways that philanthropy has worked historically, what we’ve heard from and shared with young activists …


Beyond impact: the international Philanthropy.Insight project

23 April 2022
Rupert Strachwitz

Some years ago, I attended an international conference of CSOs, held at OECD in Paris. Joining a table with CEOs …


America’s Midwest can support inclusive climate solutions: Here’s how

22 April 2022
Tonya Allen and John Palfrey

The threats we’ve seen to democracy and our institutions are major challenges to climate action. The communities that are left …