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Funders, it’s time to change how we think about risk

15 November 2022
Shalini Eddens and Kate Kroeger

The courage of Iranian girls and women taking to the streets in protest, removing their hijabs in defiance of unjust …


Effectively over: What Does Sam Bankman-Fried’s downfall mean for philanthropy and Effective Altruism?

15 November 2022
Rhodri Davies

Last week offered a rare opportunity to watch one of the world’s biggest philanthropists self-combust in real time. The spectacular …


An African civil society perspective on localizing international funding

14 November 2022
Rose Maruru

Philanthropy can help lead the way in shifting international humanitarian and development funding to local and national organizations. African civil …


Tackling poverty and climate change: IKEA and Acumen’s $25m energy investment initative

11 November 2022
Biswarup Banerjee and Sarah Bieber

Today, two out of three people living in extreme poverty live in rural areas, often without access to electricity. The …


Where small becomes big: how local philanthropy benefits transitioning society

6 November 2022
Jasna Jašarević

Tuzla Community Foundation has become an important vehicle for change in a challenging environment suffering the effects of war. Being …


Why impact assessment remains crucial for good and effective philanthropy

5 November 2022
Dan Corry

A lot of good ideas have come from the fashion for so-called trust-based philanthropy. We at NPC have pushed funders …


Reimagining the INGO: What does it mean for funders?

27 October 2022
Deborah Doane

When we embarked on an ambitious systems change project to reimagine International NGOs (calling the project: RINGO), we had an …


Effective crisis response takes more than money

20 October 2022
Ndana Bofu-Tawamba

Globally, we are facing multiple and compounding crises. Whether it is the devastating impacts of climate change, a seemingly never-ending …


Transforming education: A commitment from global education philanthropy

19 October 2022
Simon Sommer

I had the privilege this year of representing education philanthropy as a constituency to the UN High Level Forum Steering …


Collaboration in philanthropy: three projects that illustrate the latest trends

18 October 2022
Sabrina Grassi

In a world in transition, where crises, disruptions, and uncertainties are occurring with increased intensity since the first half of …


A call to foundations: make it easier for charities to apply for funding

12 October 2022
Caroline Fiennes

The system by which charities apply to charitable foundations for funding is dreadful. When I ran an operational charity, I …


Funders must reckon with the true motivations of philanthropy if they want to decolonise

11 October 2022
Laura Somoggi and Shivani Gupta

Over the years, most of us have been taught the ‘golden rule’: do to others what you want them to …