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Invest in scaling infrastructure, not just products and organisations

4 January 2021
Yanni Peng and Warren Ang

The dominant approach to scaling and replicating impact has been to scale-up one organisation or model at a time – …


The pandemic and its shadow: lessons in standing with women’s rights organisations

3 January 2021
Bethan Cansfield and Chiara de Luca

As the world grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic, a shadow pandemic of violence against women and girls is emerging around …


Opportunities for grantmaking in fostering the culture of giving in Brazil

2 January 2021
Joana Mortari

In a recent essay, writer, historian and activist Rebecca Solnit expressed, in a vivid and clear way, that although invisible …


The next crisis: nonprofit leadership exodus

1 January 2021
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Nonprofit leaders are exhausted. Many were planning to leave even before 2020 happened. There were the white boomers trying to retire, …


What will it take to prioritise climate change?

30 December 2020
Moutushi Sengupta

From engaging new champions, to promoting local narratives, here’s how we can strengthen action on climate change mitigation. India ranks third in …


Reaching youth with sexual health information in rural Zambia demands innovation

29 December 2020
Mavis Banda

Kalumba, 19, lives with his grandmother in a remote rural community on Mbabala island on Bangweulu, Zambia’s largest lake. He …


Guiding Turkey’s Changemakers

29 December 2020
Mina Yanci

On a hot summer day, two teachers in Southeastern Turkey wished for equal opportunities for all their students living in …


Community, access and citizenship: the pandemic and technology

28 December 2020
Dr Sarayu Natarajan

The word access contains a bit of a paradox within – you cannot have access unless you have access! Especially …


Collective responses to gendered impacts of the pandemic: A case from Turkey

27 December 2020
Aysegul Bayar

The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened the current social problems and intensified inequalities, all across the world. As in every crisis, …


Year-end giving in 2020: New challenges, new opportunities

16 December 2020
Ted Hart

December is traditionally a time to reflect on the chapter we’re about to close and look with hope and anticipation …


Big Phil, Little Phil and the System

13 December 2020
Andrew Milner

Recently, I tuned in to the WINGS Forum debate on philanthropy and power. It was an articulate and lively panel. …


Global perspectives on the neutrality paradox debate

12 December 2020
Alison Carlman

Over the past three months, Alliance magazine has hosted a lively discussion about the Neutrality Paradox. Nonprofit leaders like Leah …