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Can community engagement stimulate the creative economy and lift people out of poverty?

28 January 2021
Abeer Al Fouti

Today is Global Community Engagement day, a day when we shine a light on the power of individuals and organisations …


Vaccination and collaboration: what we can achieve in a divided world

26 January 2021
Denis Mizne

The approval of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine in Brazil, the UK, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Argentina, Mexico, El Salvador and …


Aid spending in Africa must be African-led – it needs a Black Lives Matter reckoning

25 January 2021
Dedo Baranshamaje and Katie Bunten-Wamaru

If we use this pivotal moment to shift funding to grassroots groups we could unlock transformational change. While the US …


A new year and a new day: making progress during extraordinary times

24 January 2021
Charlotte Pera

This week, as the U.S. inaugurated President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, …


Bold vision is needed to change a system, so is collaboration and trust

22 January 2021
Juliet Cockram

If there is one word that sums up what we need right now, it is connection. This need has united …


Investors can influence climate action for the better

19 January 2021
Nando van Kleeff

The world’s leading financial institutions just took an important step to combat climate change. For the first time, major commercial …


Philanthropy and networks: opening the black box

17 January 2021
Kerstin Tebbe

Networks matter to philanthropy. Philanthropy is often about solving hard, complex problems – and so are networks. Funders work with …


Balancing today with tomorrow

13 January 2021
Angela Kail

When Covid first hit, foundations were generous in putting out more money fast to help charities respond. But as another …


We must develop talent and leadership to meet the challenges of the post-Covid world

9 January 2021
Denis Mizne

Despite our teachers going above and beyond the call of duty to keep the world’s children learning, the Covid-19 pandemic …


Philanthropy must invest in tackling non-communicable diseases

8 January 2021
Mukul Bhola

‘We had to ask a trader going across the border to China to buy insulin. This was animal insulin, it …


Why fund strategy in the face of crisis?

7 January 2021
Hannah Barker and Amy Cuffley

This year, the charity sector has shown great ability to adapt and ensure it continues to help the most in …


Resourcing racial justice means risk is no longer racialised

6 January 2021
Nusrat Faizullah and Farzana Khan

Resourcing Racial Justice was created in the UK as an emergency response to the pandemic. As a group of people …