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What could your grantees do with a full-time person for 6 months?

17 August 2018
Chris Man

In calls for proposals from donors it is not uncommon to see application forms ask questions like; ‘Describe how you are collaborating with other NGOs’; or ‘Tell us what you are doing to ensure you are not duplicating your work’; or ‘Describe how you are including beneficiaries in your work’. These are valid questions. It’s not entirely unreasonable to expect that one or more organisations have safeguards against doing the same thing, in the same …


Alliance magazine launch blog dedicated to practical advice

16 August 2018
Alliance magazine

Do you have tips, guidance or knowledge which philanthropy practitioners and organisations could use to maximise their impact? Alliance magazine has launched a dedicated section of our blog to share best practice, knowledge, expertise, lessons learned and reflections from philanthropy around the world. With over 20,000 readers and a website that attracts approximately 21,000 unique visitors per month, we want our community of authors to use this platform to share tips, guidance or knowledge which …

How philanthropy can support the growth of data for social good

15 August 2018
Kendra Schreiner and Jordan Junge

We often hear about the potential (and actual) perils of big data and emerging technologies – large privacy breaches, public …

Five powerful ways to #ShiftThePower in disaster recovery

22 July 2018
Eleanor Harrison

Sometimes, a publication comes along that so closely mirrors your day-to-day experience that you must pause for praise. This is …

Human-centered design in social innovation

21 July 2018
Marica Rizzo

Human-centered design alone won’t change the world, but as a tool it increases the likelihood of designing impactful solutions by …


Funding on the edge – upswing in sales for Lush shows funders can take bolder positions

2 July 2018
Alison Goldsworthy

The police are enjoying a moment of high confidence in the UK. IPSOS Mori’s 2017 veracity index recorded its highest …


Rethinking partnerships at the root

29 June 2018
Clare Winterton and Ruby Johnson

Change doesn’t happen alone. It is our collective work that brings joy, lasting impact and relationships. Yet although partnerships are a …


Why we need collaborations to tackle climate change

27 June 2018
Terry Odendahl

In the current political moment, one where we can no longer trust politicians and international actors to have human compassion …


Impact investments are philanthropy’s brave new world

20 June 2018
Susanne Dahl

The synchronisation of asset portfolios and donations within a joint mission is the way forward if philanthropic foundations and funds …