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Assessing your grantee’s financial sustainability? Then please read this.

17 October 2019
Rose Longhurst

Recently several small organisations I’m involved in have been quizzed about their ‘financial sustainability’ by foundation donors. This term has …

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Grantmakers need to be flexible to better support small and local charities

16 October 2019
Alex Van Vliet

Running a small charity can feel like a constant balancing act of competing demands and spinning plates. The investment and …

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The power of girls: six lessons for funders who support them

11 October 2019
Corey Oser

Today is International Day of the Girl, and this year’s theme, ‘GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable,’ offers an inspiring reminder to …


Would donors be alarmed if they knew how much charities spent on foreign exchange fees?

6 October 2019
Curtis Noble

Exactly 10 years ago, the ‘Better FX’ guide attempted to tackle the common pitfalls INGOs faced when managing their FX …

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Why we need to invest in scaling complex needs projects

29 September 2019
Stephanie Woodrow

We know people rarely face single issues in their lives. Often our challenges are complex, interlinked and change over time. …


Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust shares lessons learnt from £80 million funding programme

23 September 2019
Alliance magazine

In a report published today, The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust shares lessons learnt from their time-limited funding programme. The …

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Small Donors, big thinking

19 September 2019
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

How small investors can change the world ‘Small but mighty’ is a phrase we’ve seen applied time and again to …

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10 things on my mind as a funder

27 August 2019
Cassie Robinson

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a phone interview – or more informal chat – with a senior person …

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Bridging the gap between the impact boardroom and communities

23 August 2019
Rola El Chami

I recently attended an executive programme where I held a session on Impact & refugee camps in the Middle East. …

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Building a broader presence with generosity and engagement

21 August 2019
Leslie Pine

I can distill this entire post into two words: belief and balance. Nearly every company today is or has the …

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What can the social sector learn from Silicon Valley?

16 August 2019
Dan Berelowitz

Silicon Valley is hardly the natural source of inspiration for those aspiring to do good.  Once heralded a beacon of …

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Three shifts philanthropy needs to make to better design and evaluate social change

3 August 2019
Srikanth Gopal

Good strategy-making and evaluation sit at the heart of philanthropy. Yet, as a sector, we continue to struggle with how …