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Practical advice

10 things on my mind as a funder

27 August 2019
Cassie Robinson

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a phone interview – or more informal chat – with a senior person …

Practical advice

Bridging the gap between the impact boardroom and communities

23 August 2019
Rola El Chami

I recently attended an executive programme where I held a session on Impact & refugee camps in the Middle East. …

Practical advice

Building a broader presence with generosity and engagement

21 August 2019
Leslie Pine

I can distill this entire post into two words: belief and balance. Nearly every company today is or has the …

Practical advice

What can the social sector learn from Silicon Valley?

16 August 2019
Dan Berelowitz

Silicon Valley is hardly the natural source of inspiration for those aspiring to do good.  Once heralded a beacon of …

Practical advice

Three shifts philanthropy needs to make to better design and evaluate social change

3 August 2019
Srikanth Gopal

Good strategy-making and evaluation sit at the heart of philanthropy. Yet, as a sector, we continue to struggle with how …

Practical advice

Best practices in celebrity foundation management

2 July 2019
Jenny Santi

‘Give me your xxxxing money!’ An urban legend has it that the Irish rocker Bob Geldof blurted this out on …

Practical advice

Three conditions for dramatic impact in philanthropy

15 June 2019
Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Have the most impact possible in your charitable giving. If you want to achieve dramatic impact in philanthropy you need …

Practical advice

Harnessing momentum to achieve progress for children & adolescents affected by HIV

13 June 2019
Cecilia Kihara

In a small town in Nigeria, 18-year-old Oluleye — Leye for short — is an orphan supporting her family through …

Practical advice

How to build a community that works towards your goals

6 June 2019
Asian Venture Philanthropy Network

Credit Suisse is leading a movement to help social enterprises thrive Challenge Funders and resource providers are often working in …

Practical advice

You can’t hack trust

30 May 2019
Yvonne Moore

Trust is the foundation on which every philanthropic relationship rests. And individual and family philanthropy is no different. While we …


More than money: philanthropists as activists

20 May 2019
David Sandman

Every foundation has two things in common: big dreams and money. But money alone isn’t enough to make those dreams …

Practical advice

Using social impact investment to help the money gifted to your donor advised fund go further

28 April 2019
Katie Fulford-Smith

Donor Adviser Funds (DAFs) represent a growing proportion of philanthropic capital in the UK with £1.3 billion in UK charitable …