Climate funding toolkit launches for South African philanthropists


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The Independent Philanthropy Association of South Africa (IPASA), together with the African Climate Foundation, The Lewis Foundation and the Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust, has launched a Climate Crisis Toolkit and Resource Pack for Funders. The toolkit launches today with a virtual event led by experts experienced in climate change philanthropy.

‘Addressing climate change is a multifaceted, complex issue. There are no simple, straightforward solutions. It takes many organisations working in partnership to develop solutions. Individuals are often at different stages of understanding the issues, and this is challenging to manage and keep on track. Our membership of IPASA exposed us to international best practices in terms of aligning endowments to one’s mission’, said Lindy Rodwell van Hasselt, a South African zoologist and Relationship Director at the Lewis Foundation in Alliance in September 2021.

The Toolkit and Resource Pack is a resource with a wide range of useful and accessible sources of information on the climate crisis: Why it is so urgent, how it impacts on funders’ causes, possible solutions, and how funders, whether through grant-making, operations, or investments, can make a difference. It provides guidance on integrating climate change considerations in six key areas of giving and grant practice. An interactive self-assessment tool has been designed to make it easy for funders to identify the appropriate entry point as they embark on or deepen their own climate change learning journey.

IPASA is also championing the Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS) International Funder Commitment on Climate Change. Launched in November 2019, the pledge invites charitable foundations globally to commit to seven broad actions to integrate climate factors into their investments, operations, and grantmaking. The first pillar of the International Funder Commitment is to educate and learn, and it is our belief that this Toolkit will help South African philanthropy begin their learning journey.

‘We can plan for climate change. The opportunities are endless. We can leapfrog. Although the problem seems huge and insurmountable, we can act,’ said Alan Wallis, Strategic Advisor for the African Climate Foundation.

The Toolkit and Resource Pack will be available on the IPASA website.

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