Collective change – New women’s fund study to be launched on Alliance website on 18 November


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Collective Change: The Value of Mobilizing Local Resources for Women’s Rights in the Global South and East Case Studies of Ten women’s funds is a joint initiative led by the International Network of Women’s Funds, Mama Cash and the International Human Rights Funders Group.

How are women’s funds contributing to strengthening rights-based philanthropy in the Global South and East? How can innovative communications and relationship-building strategies help to increase support for local women’s movements?

The International Network of Women’s Funds is excited to launch new research about the local resource mobilization efforts of women’s funds in the Global South and East. These case studies provide an in-depth look at the strategies, successes, challenges, and opportunities experienced by ten women’s funds.

Local resource mobilization is one powerful tool to shift internalized beliefs and attitudes, social and cultural norms, formal policies, and access resources for women’s movements.

Check back on 18 November to hear more from the authors of this study and read the study in full. If you are eligible, please register for a free subscription to Alliance to have full access:

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