Corporate giving in Pakistan increased by 15% during pandemic, finds report


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A new report from the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy found that between 2019-20, donations from the corporate sector increased by 15 per cent on the previous year, amounting to a sum of almost $94 million.

Corporate Philanthropy in Pakistan: A Potential Resource for Social Development’ is an annual report prepared by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy. The Centre has been running the report since 2004 and has tracked a steady increase in corporate philanthropy over that time.

‘These trends reaffirm the notion that corporate philanthropy has a great potential to supplement efforts of the government and civil society for the socio-economic development of the country. The findings of this report are useful for raising awareness among the government, civil society as well as the corporate sector to be able to align their policies with the development agenda of the country,’ said Zaffar Khan, Board Chairman of the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy.

The increase in corporate giving stands in contrast to the slow levels of GDP growth over the same period, the report notes.

‘This trend underscores the fact that the Pakistani corporate sector’s CSR contributions to socio-economic causes are not deterred by slowing down of economic activity in the country,’ said PCP Executive Director Shazia Amjad. ‘This is reflective of the promise and strong commitment of the corporate sector towards societal betterment.’

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